Designers and Builders of Quality Spiritual Gardens

The Spiritual Garden team have over 30 years experience in landscaping and an abundance of horticultural knowledge.

​Garden builds for relaxation and meditation - A quiet space allowing connection to nature and to revitalise The Spirit within you.

We will design and build a space of any size to achieve a place of quiet contemplation and connection with the outdoors.

A Spiritual Garden can also be thought of as a Healing Garden or a Zen Garden.

Using a simple proven system we achieve a turn-key approach to large garden areas or small hidden corners for residential gardens and workplaces. 

  • A pathway of stone, gravel, bricks, or pavers that leads to a seating area. A bench, hammock, or yoga mat, perhaps in a shelter such as gazebo or under a pergola.

  • A water feature, such as a fountain, pond, bird bath, or simple water bowl. Water is cleansing and calming. Use baritone wind chimes or meditation bells for gentle sound. Some wind chimes are very hypnotic.

  • Boulders, rock gardens and other rock features like a labyrinth to offer a sense of grounding.

  • Plants with minimal colour for simplicity. Creating visual interest with texture and shape. Plants with definitive structure like grasses, evergreens and gnarled or weeping trees. Native plants are low maintenance and will attract native birds and bees. Plant fragrant lavender to help with relaxation.

  • An altar or sculptures of spiritual figures who are important to you.

You can add any elements to suit - Contact us below to discuss further,

Take time to look at the menu options at top of page for element ideas.

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